Important Things to Consider While Buying a New Microwave Oven

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  1. Capacity : It’s all about the food you’ll prepare inside. The power of a microwave oven is normally 25Ltr, is moderate nowadays.
  2. Convection and Grill Mode: If you want to bake or roast in your microwave then it must have these feat you will have these features if you want to bake or roast in your microwave. These features are not available in very simple Microwave module, so take care during purchases.
  3. Auto Cook: Do not be fooled by auto cook receipts included in this list. They’re going to promote like 300 + auto cook menu, we don’t use a single one. Look out! Don’t take these smart points into features. Very basic module of microwave doesn’t have these features so take care of it while buying.
  4. Build Quality : You will now ask “How can I imagine the microwave build quality?” “Trick here: go for a showroom demonstration. Open the microwave door with your own hands and feel the handle, since they get really hot when I use convection mode I tend not to have metal handles. The inner cavity housing will normally be made of steel, but Samsung now offers ceramic cavity housing and has ten years of guarantee.
  5. After Sales Service : It is one of the key reasons for the purchasing of heavy electronic goods. Samsung and Lg are currently leading markets in India to that end. Yet Samsung’s great anyway.
  6. Price : Price should be considered for features and size ratio. Do not be misled by any needless functionality you would never use. Taking the deals open, including free offers, all through the festival season as well.

This is pretty much all you need to consider while buying new microwave oven.

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Preventative Maintenance for Microwave Oven :

  • Keep the inside clean. By regularly wipe inout the inside of your microwave, you cut down on bad smells and keep spots and corrosion from developing. 
  • Keep the outside clean. 
  • Use microwaveable containers. 
  • Cover your food.
  • Never put metal in your microwave.
  • Make sure the door closes properly.

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