8 Best Mixer Grinder (Mixie) in India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

presentational image of grinder and mixie

8 Best mixer grinders (Mixie) you can buy in (2021) A mixer grinder is one of the most essential appliances in a household kitchen. It makes cooking easier and with less effort. Additionally, you can make juices, chutneys, and a lot more. Mixer grinders are versatile kitchen tools that can be used to grind a variety of food items. You can either whip liquids to make shakes, milkshakes, and ice creams, or grind and cut hard food such as meats, vegetables, and nuts. Below is a list of the best mixer grinders…

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5 Best Induction Cooktops you can buy in India (2022) Buying Guide

Induction cook top

5 Best Induction Cooktops you can buy in (2021) Induction cooktop is a product of the electromagnetic principles. These innovations have improved the quality and comfort of the world of food-service. Only areas in direct contact with the pan heat base are heated by the induction stove process. While the heat is contained within the cookware, induction cooktop is more energy efficient. As the cookware heats up fast, it becomes easy and quick to start cooking within short time. The glass plate makes the induction hob much easier to clean. We have done the analysis of the best brand of Inductions. The following are…

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7 Best Convection Microwave Oven to Buy in India- (2022) Review & Buying Guide

pizza in microwave

Best Microwave Ovens in India (2022) Buyer’s Guide & Review! In this quick and busy city life one cannot spend enough time for cooking. There are enough appliances to make the cooking process  faster. One such device is microwave convection oven. The demand of microwave ovens is rising in India.The leading manufacturers in India whose products are available are IFB, LG, Samsung, Bajaj, and Morphy Richards . Now that you decide to buy an convection microwave oven online , it is a difficult job to search from hundreds of choices.Lets…

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Best Electric Rice Cooker to buy in India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

Best rice cooker to buy in India

4 Best Electric Rice Cookers in India (2021) Reviews & Buyer’s Guide! A rice cooker is a useful kitchen appliance that makes cooking easy and takes less time. You can cook rice and grain varieties. It saves you from visiting the kitchen to check the rice being cook, unlike gas stove cooking. There are other cooking uses of your rice cooker apart from only cooking rice. Uses of rice cooker  ————————— 1. Make breakfast easy Use a little less milk or water to make oatmeal or other hot cereals than…

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5 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands To Buy In India (2022) Buying Guide

chimney is installed in kitchen

5 Best Kitchen Chimney to Buy in India (2022) Cooking produces smoke and harmful fumes, which is why kitchen chimneys help you to eliminate the smoke and fumes, keeping your kitchen clean. Chimneys improve the appearance of kitchens with their unique and modern looks. It’s an essential part of any modular kitchen. Normally made of masonry, clay, or metal, it provides architectural ventilation. It influences its ability to transport flue gases to the outside environment through stack impact. When choosing a chimney, you might want to consider the following considerations:…

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5 Best Refrigerators worth Buying In India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

Family taking food items from fridge

5 Best Refrigerators Worth Buy in (2021) Looking to grab a bottle of chilled water in the scorching summer?  A refrigerator has come a long way from being a luxury to a necessary appliance to everyone. Today, Refrigerator (fridge) is an integral part of every house. No dining room is complete without this appliance standing in the corner. There are hundreds of refrigerator brands available in the market. Unique styles and high-tech features are what the best refrigerators has to offer.  While getting attracted to all the bells and whistles in the…

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5 Best Roti maker – Cherished by Every Indian Home (2022) Review & Guide

5 Best Roti Makers (Chapati Maker) in India [2022] – Cherished by every Indian Home. The most preferred healthy food for Indian homes is soft and fluffy Roti’s. But it is very difficult for the newbies to do this perfectly. Here become the roti maker handy to makes round fluffy roti for you with  “one press” and your hot, fresh homemade roti is ready in just 90 seconds. It is a great kitchen appliance for every Indian, it saves a lot of time and efforts. It is the world’s first and fully automatic flatbread maker that makes rotis, chapatis, puris, pizza bases, and tortillas in under 90 seconds. Why…

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5 Best RO Water Purifier to Buy for Home in (2022) Review & Buying Guide

No. of water purifier

5 Best RO water purifiers worth buy for your home in [2021] Due to Industrialization and various other reasons, the air and water is becoming polluted and contaminated. Water can contain dirt, minerals, chemicals and other impurities which can cause it to smell and taste bad. There are various types of toxins in the water, including heavy metals, organic chemicals, unnecessary salts, and microbiological impurities, making the water unfit for drinking. This is the main reason that we need a good water purifier in our kitchen. Best RO water purifiers…

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