Best air conditioner (AC) to buy for Home in India (2022) Review & Buying Guide

Best AC to buy in India-2020

Best Air Conditioner (AC) you can buy for home in {2022} As summer sets in and temperatures rise, the use of air conditioners is a must for homes. Buying an Air Conditioner for the home, once considered a sign of luxury, is now becoming quite common in India. Air conditioning also provides us with safety and a better quality of life in our own homes .When deciding on the type of AC, an important factor to remember is the size of the room and the required AC capacity. This is…

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Best gaming mouse under 1000 in India (2022) Review & Buyer’s Guide

gaming mouse under 1000

Best Gaming Mouse under Rs.1000 [2022] Buyer’s Guide & Reviews! The best gaming mouse is key to accessing the full potential of your gaming PC. Just sitting there, you have all the power of your PC, you just need a suitably speedy mouse to make sure that none of this goes to waste. There are plenty of choices to choose from — nearly one for each genre — and we’ve taken as many as we can on a test drive to whittle down these vast collections to only a few…

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5 Best Full HD Smart LED TV Brands to Buy in India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

Watching Netflix In Smart LED tv

Best Full HD Smart LED TV Worth Buying in [2021] The market is dominated by LED TVs. Transform your home to a home theater with a Smart LED TV. Search with full size, resolution(Full HD, HD Ready, Ultra HD), screen sort, discounted ratings, connectiveness, operating system  and Pros and cons of a particular TV model. Choose from the latest best collection of Smart LED HD TV for the year 2020.  Here is list of Top 5 branded Smart LED TVs with full HD to buy in India  1. Mi LED TV 4C PRO 80cm HD Ready Android TV Check…

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Best Portable Air Conditioner (AC) To Buy In India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

Best-Portable-Ac is installed in living room

Best Portable Air Conditioner (AC) you can Buy In India – [2021] A portable AC is an air conditioner that contains a self-contained portable system. It’s the right choice if you wish to cool down single room and the best alternative to window units. Below you can find the best portable AC you can buy in India in 2020 1. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC Check Price on Amazon Boasting a host of innovative features and modes, this Blue Star 1-ton Ac  saves you from the wrath of summer.…

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5 Best Air Coolers To Buy In India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

Presentational image of air cooler

5 Best Air coolers to Buy in India (2022) Review & Buyer’s Guide If you are trying to beat the Indian summer heat affordable and effective way, air coolers are the best option for you. You must ensure you pick the best air cooler from a wide range of brands that best suits your room. With rising temperatures every year, air coolers have become a necessity more than a luxury. There are different types of air coolers of various brands in the market, so it gets important to buy an…

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6 Best Air Conditioner (AC) to buy in India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

a person is operating AC conditioner

6 Best Air Conditioners to buy in India – A Perfect Guide for (2021) Are you looking to purchase the best air conditioner (AC)  in India to cool your home this Summer! This is the right place for you to know the topmost Air conditioners (AC) Brands of 2020 in India. Here goes the list of the Branded AC’s where-in you can enjoy your Summer with the perfect AC for your home and office needs with affordable prices and best quality. Air conditioners are now becoming essential for every house to get rid of irritable humid conditions and unbearable summer heat to manage the day-long pressure and get a restful night’s sleep. The main factors relating to air conditioners such as type of refrigerants, room size-based cooling power, and filter types used, etc. All these are necessary to…

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Best Trimmers worth buying for Men in India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

man trimming his bread by a trimmer

Best Men’s Trimmers you can buy in [2021] (Beard And Hair) It’s extremely important to make a good first impression and the styling of a beard makes a difference. A trip to the barber can be expensive and time consuming. Say goodbye to imperfect lines and untidy beards with these high quality trimming blades that makes trimming at home safe, easy and hygienic for you. Get the stylish and smart look with the best brand of Trimmer for hair and beard. Following are high rated top brands of trimmers to buy online from Amazon.  1.SYSKA HT3052K/02 Ultragroom Pro Styling Trimmer Kit Check Price on Amazon Specifications:-  This Syska trimmer charges within 1 hour and works up…

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5 Best Washing Machine to buy in India – (2022) Review & Buying Guide

best washing machine brands

Best Washing Machines in India – [2021] In this busy world, washing dirty clothes with hands is becoming a very difficult task. Detergents have been replaced with Washing Machines.Anyone who has laundry with his hands will certainly appreciate the role the washing machine plays in the house.Lets find out the Best Washing machine Brand in India to buy in 2020. Basically there are two types of Washing machines – 1.Semi-Automatic Washing Machines 2.Fully-Automatic Washing Machines. Front Load Top Load Fully-Automatic Semi- Automatic Front- Load Top Load Fully-Automatic Fully automatic washing machines have only one section for washing and drying. Once you have put clothes in a fully automatic laundry, it takes the necessary amount of water and detergent…

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